~Mother Earth News Editor-in-Chief, Cheryl Long
~Leading bird flu expert, Dr. Michael Greger
~Rare behind-the-scenes at Murray McMurray Hatchery
~Backyard Poultry editor, Elaine Belanger
~Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities, Christine Heinrichs
~Stunning results from nutritional study on pastured eggs
~Follow an urban family for an entire year as they take the poultry plunge
~A factory farm hen that refused to die even after being gassed and dumped at a landfill

PLUS…coops, birds, eggs, art, images from the Seattle Tilth group, founding members of the Mad City Chickens group, a California musical hen, a Texas life-saving flock…and yes…even a mad professor and a giant chicken find their way into the mix.